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Students of Akatian will hold some of the attibutes assosiated with Sven Atkatian himself..

Your element is FIRE, Contrary to what some might believe, you are not all physical.. Sure, the flesh is there (so why not enjoy it?!), but you can be passionate about knowledge just as much.. Though sometimes prone to be spontaneous, you are on the hunt for things that make you happy.. Only have one life to live, right?? Just need to learn when to cool down a bit so that you don't forget about friends and family..

Your colors have meaning as well, RED associated with intensity, strength and good fortune.. And YELLOW associated with visibility and danger.. Yellow is often used as a warning color..

And your animal guide the WOLF brings you wisdom and power there to be had to one who is open to it’s knowledge.. • Facing the end of one's cycle with dignity and courage.. • Death and rebirth.. • Spirit teaching.. • Guidance in dreams and meditations.. • Instinct linked with intelligence.. • Social and familial values.. • Outwitting enemies.. • Ability to pass unseen.. • Steadfastness.. • Skill in protection of self and family.. • Taking advantage of change..


Personal Information: Name - Sven Jhon-Michael Atkatian.. Date of Birth - 2/10/1077 Date of Death - 6/20/1181 Eye - Brick Red (Border line for brown).. Hair - Blonde..

Heritage: Mother - Grizzendela Joan (Tighe) Atkatian.. Father - Marcus Michael Atkatian.. Brothers - None.. Sisters - Haley Morghe Atkatian (younger 4 years)..

Measurements: Weight - 298 pounds.. Height - 6 Foot 2 Inches.. Shoe Size - 9 ½ ..

Magical Information: Wand - 10 Inches -- Willow -- Unicorn Hair.. Boggart - Dragon.. Patronus - Wolf with wings and horns.. Amortentina Potion - Wolf Hair, Fire, and the smell of Spring.. Animagus - Wolf (Sable in color with green eyes)..

School Life: Attended - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry.. Dates - 1089 - 1096 House - Gryffindor.. Extra Criteria - Quidditch Captain and Seeker, House Prefect..

Brief Biography: Sven was born into a wealthy pure blood family with very little problems with the rest of the Wizarding world.. They where a very well liked Old English family.. Sven joined the Hogwarts family where he was placed in Gryffindor.. Taking an interest in Quidditch he soon became Seeker for the house team and later to achieve Captain rank.. It was in his Second year that he learned of his anamagus abilities to morph into a wolf.. Upon learning all he could it was Sven who taught his three best friends in turn to transfigure themselves as well..

Unlike most at Hogwarts Sven did not care about petty house rivalries and formed a small club just for him and his three rival house friends.. Succeeding their life at Hogwarts the four of them got together and built and founded Tervintasho Advance School of Witchcraft and Wizardry..

An interesting fact about Sven is his pet.. I wiry Parson Terrier who terrorized the school and forth brought the ban on all dogs being allowed to enter Hogwarts.. Sven also was a record keeper having kept excellent notes through School it was Sven’s brilliance that kept Tervintasho one of the first Schools to have a complete library..

Sven married his school day sweetheart Joplin May Urquhare (Mother was Muggle/Father a Wizard).. Joplin was a sweet girl who loved to cook.. She was said to be the head chef for the Tervintasho Kitchens and her portrait still sits above on a special frame so she can watch all that goes on in her Kitchen.. Sven Had four children 3 sons; Tad, Jacques, and Aus and 1 daughter; Imelda.. Though Tad died at age of three and a half the rest of his offspring lived to full ages and had children of their own..

Sven was nearing his birthday at 104 when he died in his sleep.. He was the oldest of his four friends and also the first to die.. He had been bitten by a Doxy and his age no longer accepted the anti venom.. Though it was a harsh way to die his friends and family stood my him right up to his last breath.. It was said that the wizard somehow managed to turn into his wolven form one last time and so Sven was set to flame to the great lake that surrounded the place that started it all.. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry..

His wife lived 10 years following his death.. Her ashes burned by her favorite stove where set in the walls of the School Kitchens.. It was her last request and everyone was all too happy to carry them out for her..

His life motto: Every day is a lesson learned while every road is best with rocks and slopes..

Owl Breed - Barn Owl.. Name - Tuff.. Date of Birth - 1077 Date of Death- 1139

Pet Breed - Parsons Terrier.. Name - Spaz.. Date of Birth - 1085

Date of Death - 1113
Sven Jhon-Michael Atkatian