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School Motto: "Quanti est sapere" (latin for "how great it is to learn")

Upon graduating from the largest school of Witchcraft and Wizardry 4 Hogwarts friends despite all they stood for and the fact that their houses where supposed to have been in competition with each other.. Sven Atkatian of Gryffondor, Maisko Yasvin of Slytherian, Tsarina Zivic of Hufflepuff and Raul Thulander of Ravenclaw all graduated in year 1096 and then coming together after graduation wishing that their schooling did not have to end these four friends decided to build a school of their own..

They chose a secluded desert in California USA in the Summer of 1098 for their location but with their Magical knowledge they where able to create a path that would magically transport them back to London where they could step out into the streets of Hogsmede.. This path was given the name All But Forgotten.. They placed the magical Creature Cerberus at it’s entrance to provoke any unwelcome visitors or rebel students from either coming or going without a teachers consent..

They called the school Tervintasho which meant “Hi Start Oven”.. And one must say, what is that supposed to mean.. And I will tell you, that phrase means that once you step foot in Tervintasho the ovens will be fired up and well on their way to make you the sweetest things to make your stay as pleasant as could be..

The school would like Hogwarts have 4 houses in which students would be placed.. Each house would become family to the other students of your house though the school would not be for everyone.. Tervintasho was to be a school for students who wished to further their schooling.. A sort of College one might say.. And so became Tervintasho: Advance School of Witchcraft and Wizardry..

It was on October 16 or the year 1105 that the school was finally prepared enough and first opened its doors to young witches and wizards who wished to further their schooling.. The castle itself had been enchanted to appear to be nothing more then a large rock formation in the shape of a castle to the non magical eyes.. Though they where short on Staff the 4 founders became also the first Heads of house in which each house was named after them.. Also each founder took a class where they where best suited to teach the hopeful students.. Apart from themselves there where only 7 other staff members.. And some had more then one class to teach..

It was not until 1268 that the Tervintasho was granted and recognized by the Ministry of Magic and granted pass to except more teachers and so gained a full staff and over 600 house elves to help with maintenance and to work in the Kitchen to aid in preparing glorious feasts for the school’s students and staff..

Each person who steps over the threshold into the school will be welcomed with open arms.. And like the four founders, each student will be put through a test.. The results of the test will end in the decision of which house suites you best.. For example if you are coming to Tervintasho with the hopes that you and your previous housemates will still be placed in the same house is false assumption.. In fact there is a greater chance that you and your buddies will be separated and that you will find yourselves housed with your enemies or rival house mates.. This was the four founder’s plan from day one.. Like they each found friendship when they should have been rivals.. In conclusion Tervintasho kept peace by making it their job to place students together that would not normally blend together outside of school.. The theory to this was to make every witch and wizard bend their old ways and open their minds to the knowledge of peace and friendship.. Besides those choosing to further their education will find the school hard and relentless and there will be no time or tolerance for that mater for the petty pranks of your younger more childish days..

And so to conclude this brief history I just want to add that Tervintasho is home to all witches and wizards from Werewolves to Vampires.. However the one thing all must remember is that this is a school not a battlefield.. You came here on your own decision and path to further your learning.. If you can’t handle it you know the way home.. Other then that Tervintasho is more then happy to become your home..

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