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Students of Yasvin will hold some of the attibutes assosiated with Maisko Yasvin herself..

Your element is EARTH, Level-headed, strong of will, unwavering in beliefs.. You are the roots, the strength, the solid force.. A walking source of inspiration, you achieve power and greatness without effort.. You also hold great compassion and are in full control of your emotions.. This comes with a heavy price.. You are unable to adapt and can be stubborn over the smallest of things.. You take the greatest offense to your ego being bruised.. Need to loosen up a little..

Your colors have meaning as well, DARK GREEN associated with power, authority and independence.. Also with youth and naturalness, and can suggest healing powers.. And BROWN associated with earthiness, solidity and reliability..

And your animal guide the RAT brings you wisdom and power there to be had to one who is open to it’s knowledge.. • Abundant reproduction.. • Ability to live unseen.. • Stealth .. • Defense.. • Intelligence.. • Symbol of fertility and wealth..

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Personal Information:

Name -
Maisko Jane Yasvin

Date of Birth - 12/8/1077 Date of Death - 12/6/1198 Eye - Dark Green.. Hair - Light Brown..

Heritage: Mother - Audridge May Yasvin.. Father - Unknown.. Brothers - None.. Sisters - None..

Measurements: Weight - 92 pounds.. Height - 4 Foot 10 Inches.. Shoe Size - 6 ½..

Magical Information: Wand - 7 inches, Cherry, Ice Phoenix Tail Feather.. Boggart - Large Bird of Prey.. Patronus - Large Bird of Prey.. Amortentina Potion - Dirt, Trees and the scent of Pumpkin.. Animagus - Rat (Pinto Fawn Color)..

School Life: Attended - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry.. Dates - 1089 - 1096 House - Slytherin.. Extra Criteria - Quidditch Beater, House Prefect..

Brief Biography: Maisko was perhaps one of the smallest magical person in Hogwarts in the seven years that she went to school.. However one was wise to pick up that Maisko was all but one to be walked all over.. She had a tuff life growing up where she and her mother (Of Latin Origin) feared most off the return of her husband and Maisko’s Biological father.. Though Maisko never learned of her full heritage she was happy with her life helping her mother out every way possible..

Upon entering Hogwarts she became swallowed in the mysteries of all subjects as she became very dedicated to her studies and each day grew more powerful.. She was the first to learn how to transfigure herself when Sven taught her and her other two friends however once she changed she had to run for her life as she learned she became a rat and her Tabby Cat, Quietus thought her a snack.. It took the faculty several days to get Maisko to come out of the walls.. Maisko also became a well known beater for her house Quidditch team.. Despite her size and light weight she was perhaps one of the best Beaters the school had seen in several years.. IT was a great honor for her house to win Championship six years in a row of the six years that she played for her house..

One of the most remembered of her was her hard earned accomplishment of learning how to turn her own fear into power.. It was with this knowledge that she used her fears to create magic beyond anyone’s imagination.. And to this day it awes people into well earned respect for the small Witch..

Maisko never married as she was to far into her studies to ever have time for a life outside her magical preferences.. However though she was not a evil or ‘bad’ Witch Maisko was very intelligent knowing much about both White and Black Magic.. She was teacher for Tervintasho for Defense and Arts of the Dark Arts as well as Herbology Teacher.. She took pride in her work and also held much pride for Tervintasho and was honored to be part of its creation..

Maisko was 121 years old when she died in her sleep.. There was no pain or failure, Just old age and perhaps heart break for even though she never married she did have one love.. She was secretly in love with Sven but never let on about it many suspected it but most did not talk about it for it would greatly upset Joplin, Sven’s Wife..

Her life motto: Never give in or step over the little things for they hold our biggest secrets..

Owl Breed - Great Horned Owl.. Name - Tim.. Date of Birth - 1087 Date of Death - 1143

Pet Breed - Tabby Cat.. Name - Quietus.. Date of Birth - 1088 Date of Death - 1120