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Students of Zivic will hold some of the attibutes assosiated with Tsarina Zivic herself..

Your element is AIR, flighty and spontaneous, nothing can hold you down.. Your thoughts, emotions, actions are all done with little concern except to experience and move on.. What is this stress that others talk about?? You'll have none of that.. You also put the other elements to shame with the passion you can hold (although brief) for anything.. Downfall is you don't think out things and it can get you into some trouble.. Your emotions are also wild, so you're prone to fly off the handle..

Your colors have meaning as well, PINK associated with innocence, purity and strength of character.. And with intensity, strength and good fortune.. PURPLE Associated with authority, power and regality..

And your animal guide the HARPY EAGLE brings you wisdom and power there to be had to one who is open to it’s knowledge.. • Swiftness.. • Strength.. • Courage.. • Wisdom.. • Keen sight.. • Healing.. • Ability to see hidden spiritual truths.. • Rising above the material to see the spiritual.. • Ability to see the overall pattern.. • Connection to spirit guides and teachers.. • Great power and balance.. • Dignity with grace.. • Connection with higher truths.. • Intuitive and creative spirit.. • Respect for the boundaries of the regions.. • Grace achieved through knowledge and hard work..


Personal Information: Name - Tsarina Leigh Zivic.. Date of Birth - 5/29/1077 Date of Death - 7/15/1314 Eye - Purple.. Hair - Pink..

Heritage: Mother - Moheagan Tscarr (Morel) Zivic.. Father - Donate Milx Zivic.. Brothers - None.. Sisters - None..

Measurements: Weight- 102 pounds.. Height - 5 Foot 3 Inches.. Shoe Size - 6..

Magical Information: Wand - 9 Inches – Oak – Pixie teeth.. Boggart - Clowns.. Patronus - Fruit Basket.. (Don’t ask cause they didn’t..) Amortentina Potion - Cool Breeze.. Anamagus - Harpy Eagle..

School Life:
Attended - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry..
Dates - 1089 - 1096
House - Hufflepuff..
Extra Criteria - Quidditch Chaser House Prefect..

Brief Biography:

..Coming Soon..

Her life motto: Don't ask, Don't tell, When in doubt throw that fruit out!! Owl Breed - Banded Owl.. Name - Bertie.. Date of Birth - 1087 Date of Death - 1185 Pet Breed - Raven Name - Bot.. Date of Birth - 1087 Date of Death - 1182

Tsarina Leigh Zivic